Our advantages

Kops pro d. o. o. is an experienced systems supplier of sheet metal products. We can meet all your needs for sheet metal products with solutions in the field of sheet metal products, made to fit the client and with a modern machine park and highly skilled co-workers.

Our company has a 40-year tradition, more than 60 employees and a modern machine park in a production and warehousing area covering  4,500 m2. 

Our clients see us as a reliable and qualitatively favourable partner with good solutions for sheet metal products.

The company started a slim production in 2010 and our manufacture process improves continuously. We are able to change our tools quickly which enables us economic manufacture in small batches and a good flow of materials. For you this means short manufacturing periods and punctual delivery.

Our manufacture is organized in cells that are self-sufficient, apart for cutting and powder varnishing. Each cell employs 5 to 8 people that are self-organized; short-time planning up to two weeks takes place in a cell itself.

This has enabled us to reduce the complexity of organization of manufacture and has highly increased punctuality of delivery.

We design on five CAD 3D stations and this enables us quick servicing of our clients and meeting their requests.