In the company Kops pro we use two CNC lathe turning machines. We operate with high precision and reach tolerances up to 4 microns.

Characteristics and advantages:           

  • Setting the machines in a cell enables an operation with one operator which reduces the costs; lower prices increase the competitive advantage of our customers;
  • Quick change of tools reduces the need of big lots and reduces costs as well;
  • High quality execution and its permanence extend the life expectance of your products and increase the satisfaction of your customers and your reputation within your market.

Range of products:  

  • Small and medium lots;
  • Aluminium and steel parts;   
  • High tolerances;
  • Complex parts.

Machine characteristics

Machine Type Max Diameter Max Thickness
Daewoo Puma 2500M

ø70 mm - Automat

ø180 mm

z=580 mm


Hyundai Hit 18S

ø70 mm Automat

ø180 mm

z=510 mm