In the company Kops pro we also carry out the installation for you. Installation is an essential part of a manufacturing cell because of micro-manufacturing plant, presented by a manufacturing cell. In the cell, short-term planning and quality control are carried out.

Our installation workers follow the JIT manufacture trends and are highly important for the flow of material trough the production line with planning and ordering of material in cutting.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Set supply: In the company Kops pro we supply product sets containing all sheet metal parts that are included in a customer’s final product. This reduces the entire costs because they order sheet metal parts from one instead of several suppliers. This reduces the possibility that one of the parts is missing which would disable the supply of material in a so called Smart Box with special compartments for individual parts.
  • Possible mechanical as well as electrical installation: Your product will come to the factory ready for the further installation which shortens the delivery time and reduces costs;
  • All from one hand – from development to installation: The company Kops pro manufactures for you and you can concentrate on the sales and development and thus reduce fixed costs and increase your business and profit; 
  • Delivery times: short-time planning in a manufacturing cell enables us to follow delivery times because this reduces a complexity of manufacture and no expensive software solutions are needed. The cell manager makes plans for only 5-8 persons weekly and daily. Following the delivery times from our part enables you to fulfil your promises and thus increase satisfaction and loyalty of your customers even if you are not the cheapest one;
  • Embossing presents an alternative to welding and spot welding and is more and more put into force in modern installation and joining. Such joining enables split transportation and reduces transport costs.

Range of products:

  • Embossment;
  • Riveting:
  • High quality level;
  • Fixed delivery time;
  • Reduction of your warehouse;
  • Reduction of your fixed costs;
  • Installation and
  • Electrical installation.