Powder coating

Powder coating is the most popular way to protect sheet metal parts made of plain sheet metal. In our company we presently carry out powder varnishing in a paint shop with an automatic line for preliminary preparation and a manual booth for powder coating application. Maximal conveyor speed is 1.6 m/min.

Owing to the fact that the present paint shop does not enable a quick change of powder it does not fit into our JIT system and we have decided to invest in a new line for powder varnishing with a considerably bigger flow (3 m/min), equipped with an automatic powder booth made by the company GEMA; this will enable us to change a colour in 7 minutes. Moreover, the new paint shop will enable a higher quality and a constant quality level.

This investment should be completed in the middle of 2013.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Powder coating is eco-friendly and does not cause emissions  harmful to the environment;
  • Powder coating can be much thicker than a conventional wet coating without causing the varnish to run.
  • Powder coating does not cause so much dangerous waste than a conventional wet varnishing;
  • Products with a powder coating have a more uniform look;
  • Powder coating is more enduring as a conventional coating;
  • Manual skill of a worker who applies powder is less important in powder coating than in conventional wet varnishing;
  • Automatic preliminary preparation assures a quality preliminary preparation of work pieces and thus a higher quality of protection.

Range of products:

  • Powder coating of steel;
  • Powder coating of aluminium;
  • Many different types of powder coatings (fair, matt etc.);
  • Application of iron phosphate for anti-corrosive protection and
  • Application of primer for a better protection.

Characteristics of the Powder Coatig Line

Automatic line for Powder Coating with process control and data recording

Max. Dimension of the Work piece:

  • Housing 780 x 780 x 2400 mm
  • Metal plate 1200 x 2400 mm
  • Profile l=3000 mm