Delivery of Sets

Advantages for you:

  • Kops pro delivers the whole sets for you, including “C” parts;
  • According to the client’s requests, delivery in the Smart Box is possible; this minimizes the missing parts;
  • You need to place one order only to have the sets delivered instead of many orders as for a classical delivery;
  • Minimal warehousing costs: with punctual deliveries of sets you no longer need to store the purchased parts at your location.

Delivery of sets for your company means in fact cheaper delivery of sheet metal parts and less money tied up in stock. Moreover, ordering sets reduces the number of missing parts considerably.

The company Kops pro is able to manufacture components in sets for your products. This means that we prepare a set of all sheet metal parts for one of your products and thus make placing your order much easier.

The supply of sets takes place in so-called Smart Boxes, wooden boxes with compartments for individual parts, made especially for your product.

A set is complete when all the compartments are full so it is actually impossible to forget a part from the set. This way your installation workers lose no time with searching and preparation of parts.

A photo of a complete set is stuck on the box and enables us the right composition of the set.

We can deliver the sets for you whenever you need them.